Season 5

Welcome to the “base under siege” season! For a year, the show finds a formula it’s comfortable with, a constraint that theoretically encourages art through adversity. Sure, the Doctor is almost always helping people in some sort of indoor, enclosed space defend themselves against an encroaching threat or horde of some kind, but how many bases and how many hordes can they come up with? How many different ways can the Doctor solve that particular pickle? How long can this reviewer last until he’s hankering for any kind of change-up? The answer to that last question is “Barely the whole season!”

1-4: The Tomb of the Cybermen (2-23 September 1967)

5-10: The Abominable Snowmen (30 September – 4 November 1967)

11-16: The Ice Warriors (11 November – 16 December 1967)

17-22: The Enemy of the World (23 December 1967 – 27 January 1968)

23-28: The Web of Fear (3 February – 9 March 1968)

29-34: Fury from the Deep (16 March – 20 April 1968)

35-40: The Wheel in Space (27 April – 1 June 1968)


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