The Gormenghast Series

In the mid-twentieth century, a talented painter named Mervyn Peake wrote a series of novels about a decrepit, aging castle and the shut-in aristocrats who live there, centered on its newly-born heir, Titus Groan. They’re often called fantasy, though nothing magical or supernatural happens in them. The poetic writing makes this place and its people feel more alien than they truly are, but below the surface are relatable humans, shackled by tradition and duty.

-Titus Groan: The years of Titus’s birth and infancy, where the most important people in the castle are introduced and their world shakes at Steerpike’s efforts to finagle his way into their inner circle. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

-Gormenghast: Steerpike has lied, cheated and stolen is way to a secure position, but he won’t settle for anything less than the best life he can get, no matter who has to die for that to happen. Meanwhile, young Titus passes through childhood, uncomfortable with his duties and yearning for another life. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

-Titus Alone: Titus has forsaken Gormenghast in favor of the outside world, but he realizes that nobody has heard of his homeland and he has no idea where to go, what to do with himself, or if he can trust his memories of his past life. One Two Three Four Five

-Titus Awakes: Coming soon!

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