Doctor Who

Once upon a time, a directionless college graduate decided that it would be fun to start in on Doctor Who from the ground floor, diving right into the deep end by starting with the mid-1960s origin of the show instead of the modern remake. Context and research, I decided, would be welcome, but not strictly necessary. Just watching the show would be enough of a time capsule into the past to get an impression of it. With enough practice, which the series would definitely give me, the project could turn into something wonderful and transcendent by the time I got around to the new show that’s seduced the land of Tumblr.

Then I realized just how much of a long road I have ahead of me. At least I won’t be walking alone.


Season 1: In which the Doctor may or may not be a trustworthy ally.

Season 2: In which we get people from the future and say goodbye to old friends.

Season 3: In which there are too many companions and not enough good ideas.

Season 4: In which the Doctor first regenerates, and the show takes to modern Earth.

Season 5: In which the same scenario repeats itself for almost every serial.

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