Site Status Update

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated in the past few weeks. Part of that is that ending a season of Doctor Who and Gormenghast at the same time seemed like a natural break point, and I wanted to start a follow-up feature for the Hugo Award stuff I did in the summer. The other part is that I wanted to retool my website so that it would make more or a profit. I have sadly discovered that the version of WordPress that I have the site running on can’t really make me any money, so I am working on moving the site to the

That’s going to take a while as I learn how to set everything up, but in the meantime I might as well start writing again, for my sake if nobody else’s. I have another Odds and Ends Shop post begging to be written, and then I can start writing about the works that almost made the Hugo Awards but didn’t thanks to the controversy. Once I make a few of those, regular work on Doctor Who and Titus Alone will resume as I build a buffer to help make deadlines more easily. Thank you for being patient, everyone.